Wrexham retailers welcome the Half Term revival.
2nd November 2009
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Retail business in Wrexham is at best patchy and I am yet to meet a retailer who believes that our problems are all over.  Todays appointment with Phil Williams, owner of Rhosddu Carpets and Astons Furniture, was most enlightening.  Phil spends quite a bit of time in America and he told me that a lot of property there has halved in price.  Unemployment is still a real problem there as well.  I'm not sure that it is any consolation to know that, but the States has just reported growth over the last 3 months and we are usually a few months behind them.   Fingers crossed that this will be the case this time. 

Last weeks Half Term did bring out the Wrexham shoppers and Esme and Janette at ESMEs Babywear are hoping to keep the ball rolling with a very special Members Offer.  These next few weeks are so important to all retailers, it is imperative that your prospective customers know where you are and what you have to offer them.

I've been looking at TV pictures of Swanseas floods over the weekend and North Scotland today, you have to feel for everyone trying to run a business in those conditions.

Mervyn L 

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