Wrexham Business Week and the world economy.
16th November 2009
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The Wrexham Business Week Breakfast Launch took place at the Ramada this morning.  It was nice to meet up with many friends including Lesley Wright who is hosting Events at Blackwood Business Solutions and Dave Gray who is doing the same at The Foundry.  I forgot to remind Alan Jones of Mako of the Network Meeting at 6-00pm tomorrow, Tuesday Nov 17th, at The Central Station.   All the more the merrier at this one, so if you can come along it will be worth the effort.

The main breakfast speaker was Justin Urquhart Stewart the MD of Seven Investment Management.  He was wittily eloquent and gave a quite brilliant assessment of the world economy and how he saw this affecting Wrexham.  I no doubt thought it brilliant as he laid the blame squarely on the banks and the government, very much my own opinion.  His view was that the recession had bottomed out, as long as these same banks and leaders did what they had promised and released funds to aid business.  Export driven countries like Germany were making steady progress and whilst we are still way behind there were some promising recovery signs.

With regards to Wrexham he noted that some of the large international companies had left us but many of the smaller local businesses were progressing nicely.  The new rail link to London, at very competitive prices, not only means that our executives can travel easily and comfortably to the capital but also that Wrexham is now easily accessable to Londoners.  This must open up oportunities for our businessses and tourist attractions and I believe that our friends at Bangor on Dee Racecourse have already taken note.

Mervyn L

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