World Book Night 2013 – Giveaway!
17th April 2013
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What is World Book Night? It is a celebration of books and is a day set aside to spread a love of reading in communities across the country. Each one of 20,000 volunteers gives 20 copies of one of 20 books which WBN has hand-picked and specially produced to people who don't regularly read to encourage them to do so. Volunteer givers collect the specially printed copies of their books from their local bookshop or library. WBN is free to participate in for all.

By enlisting thousands of passionate book lovers around the country World Book Night reaches out to the millions of people in the UK who have yet to fall in love with reading in the hope that we can start them on their reading journey. In addition World Book Night distributes half a million books directly to the hardest to reach potential readers in prisons, care homes, hospitals, sheltered, supported and social housing, the homeless and through partner charities working throughout the UK. World Book Night is about giving books and encouraging reading in those who don’t regularly do so. But it is also about more than that: it’s about people, communities and connections, about reaching out to others and touching lives in the simplest of ways, through the sharing of stories.

At the bestofwrexham, we’d like to hear about your favourite book. It must be by a British author. Please tell us in 30 words or less why it is your favourite. How did it touch you? Please include the name of the book and author. On Monday, we will draw up to 3 names from the entries to win a copy of “Little Face” by Sophie Hannah.

Rules: Only 1 entry per person please. The more entries we get, the more books we will give pass the word!

  • Up to 5 entries – 1 book
  • Up to 10 entries – 2 books
  • Up to 20 entries – 3 books

I am fortunate to have been chosen for the second time to be a “giver” for World Book Night. My chosen book is “Little Face”  and I am excited to distribute my 20 books to people in the area on Monday, including up to 3 to our bestofwrexham blog readers!

The concept of World Book Night appeals to me for several reasons. It’s raising the profile of British authors as well as local libraries and bookshops. Even though I am a lover of technology, I still prefer the tactile experience of holding a book, leafing through the pages, using a bookmark, examining the front and back cover. What about you?

When you get your books, there is a unique ID code to put inside each one, along with your name & business (if appropriate). I tell everyone that they should read it, but the key point is to pass on to someone else. If the reader takes the time to enter the ID code on the website, you could actually track where your book goes round the world! It wouldn’t be unusual to find that single book we shared ending up in Australia, South America or Canada! That is what I like best about being a volunteer giver for World Book Night.

You can find a list of the 2013 books that will be given out on Monday in the UK on  You can also find out how to register to be a giver in 2014.

And, it’s not too late to host an event on Monday! The WBN site has an “Events” map where you can register your event and several online resources to help you host it. If you are a lover of books, like me  – perhaps you’d like to get involved.

A house without books is like a room without windows

~ Heinrich Mann ~


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