Words of Marketing Wisdom
26th October 2008
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100 business people enjoyed Barclays marketing/networking seminar at the Ramada last Friday. Guru Robert Craven was the guest speaker and he provided a lot of food for thought. With so many different types of business attending it is impossible to generalize with accuracy but his main points applied to most of us.

In difficult times it is even more essential to stay in regular contact with your existing customers.

Networking is invaluable.

I sat next to our good friend David Bentley, director of Ron Bentley & Sons printers, and we both raised our eyebrows when Robert Craven imparted that he budgetted a spend of £500 to obtain a new customer. As I mentioned earlier, generalisations cannot always be accurate. That would be excessive if you were selling toffee apples but acceptable if you are, say an accountant.

He also advised everyone to put their prices up, some of the audience promised to do this on Monday. I wonder if they are still feeling as brave today?

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