What Does Your Online Presence Say About Your Business?
9th March 2012
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Article submitted by copywriter Nick Pagan

Most businesses now have an online presence. Nearly every business has a website, and many are now waking up to the power of social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook as  powerful, fast and efficient marketing tools. But have you ever stopped and thought about what your online presence says about your business? 

If you haven’t, you probably should. Any prospective client will expect you to have a website at the very least, and will want it to tell them about your products and services. They’ll also take it as read that it looks professional, reads well and will fill them with the confidence to know they’re doing the right thing by doing business with you. So have a look at your own business website and ask yourself these questions: does it catch my attention? Are my contact details prominent enough? Are the images up to date and do the words reflect what we do? If not, it’s worth getting it all updated and more relevant. If you have a portfolio on your site, does it have your latest projects on it or things you did years ago? 

And most important of all – if I type in relevant keywords for my business into Google, where do I rank compared to my competitors? If you’re too low, prospective customers are very unlikely to choose you over your higher-ranking rivals. 

If you haven’t yet explored any social media platforms for your business, it’s in your interest to consider it further. They’re very cheap to set up and run, have a huge customer base to tap into and interact with,  and they’re all  very environmentally friendly as you can do it all from your sofa or dining room table. 

You could also try blogging and article-marketing as a way of improving your online presence. This gives you the opportunity to show your company’s human side and establish themselves as experts in a particular field, and you can send out links to the blog through your social media accounts. And blogs can be built into your website so you can use it to drive more traffic to it, giving you more business potential. Marketing experts predict that regularly updated web content will be the most effective way to market your business in 2012. 

Here at thebestofwrexham, we’re experts in building and maintaining an online presence. We can review your website, get you started with twitter, and even help you write a  blog if you want. Just pick up the phone and ask. 

So it’s worth reviewing your online presence as soon as possible - not only will your competition be online, your customers will be too. 


 Author:  Nick Pagan


Resident copywriter at thebestof Wrexham





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