What can an Award do for my business?
2nd February 2014
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Awards can be significant in raising the profile of one’s business. Even the status of being a finalist can, and should, be used to great advantage.

Winning an award through a process of votes can be looked at as a culmination of positive reviews from your customer base. Imagine the feeling when your business has made it to the top 3 based on people voting for your product or service? The beauty is it takes little or no effort to participate in something that can potentially offer you so much PR.

If your business does what it does WELL, then your customers will naturally want to support you with their votes. This makes for a great story for the media, particularly if you win. The media love good features to report. Local coverage – for free – brings untold value.

Then there are awards that are judged by a panel of experts. Again, the benefits of being nominated, achieving finalist or winner status can be huge for you and your business. No one can take that status away from you. The finalist / winner badges can be used on all of your customer communication, be it newsletters, social media or website.  Add the badge to your invoices, letters and brochures. Anything that displays your logo should have your awards badge visible as well. Show people your success. It makes them want to do business with you.

Awards recognition tells punters that your business is credible – it makes you part of something unique. Not everyone enters or receives awards, and there is a respect for those that have been rewarded. You are not judged or voted for if you don’t deserve it. That is the reigning message that comes through.

When you are recognised for an award, take the opportunity to share the good news. The benefits should last well beyond the ceremony where you have been presented with your certificate or trophy. Share it with your employees, your customers, your suppliers. Without them, you likely wouldn’t have won. Enjoy the moment, but more importantly let it challenge you to raise the bar for the next time. This has helped you be one step higher than your competitors, and that is an achievement worth acknowledging.

Thebestof Wrexham is supporting the Local and Loved awards now through the 14th of February. Encourage your customers, suppliers and contractors to vote for your business. Perhaps the next story in the local business section will be about your business.


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