Tree Carving in Lake Vyrnwy
4th October 2011
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thebestofwrexham's master tree carving artist Simon O'Rourke has written to me with some exciting news about a new project he has at Lake Vyrnwy this month.  He writes: 

"A friend of mine saw an episode of Countryfile a while ago that featured the joint tallest tree in the UK (209 feet) situated at Lake Vyrnwy in Wales. Sadly the feature described how the tree had suffered storm damaged and had to be felled for safety reasons. The Forestry Commission had decided to leave 40 feet of timber standing and commission a carver to turn the remaining stump into a sculpture.

When I heard this I wasted no time in finding out the right person to contact (which took a while) and managed to get my name on their list of artists.

The Forestry Commission asked 8 artists to tender for the job, and to submit a design that complimented the surrounding environment.

The tree was integral to the Giants Of Vyrnwy trail, so my design took the giants theme and consisted of a giant hand stretching for the sky, as if the tree didn't want to give up!

My design and quote were accepted and I got the job, a real honour to carve such a special tree.

I am carving the tree from the 10th to the 21st of October and the public are welcome to view the proceedings."

If you would like any more information please contact Simon directly at: 


We look forward to seeing the finished piece and will be sure to post some photos on thebestof Facebook page (

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