This Bundle of Joy is an academic success.
21st October 2009
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Karen and Malcolm greeted me at The Bundle of Joy Nursery Boutique with the news that their son had graduated from Cambridge with a law degree and Malcolm reminded me that when we first met, and they joined The Best of Wrexham, their son had just been accepted into Cambridge.  Time passes by so quickly, it only seems like yesterday that my three offspring graduated, although not from Cambridge, and not in 3 years!  I remember three good excuses, sorry reasons, why they all needed to take an extra year.  Congratulations are in order for a fine achievement, a real Bundle of Joy!

Karen reminded me that she and Mike Hawkins from Set Your Sites had travelled to Walsall to our seminar where our Founder, Nigel Botterill, had held the stage, and the audience, for 8 hours of inspiration.  No doubt their will be more seminars to follow, if you are wondering whether or not to attend just give Karen a call.

The Bundle of Joy have signed on for another year and we are updating their page and also including a new special Members Offer for them.  It is so easy to forget to keep your marketing up to date and so easy to do on the internet as against the printed word.  If you are a client of The Best of Wrexham, please check out your page and notify us if changes are needed or if special offers would benefit you.  If you aren't, but have a web site, check it out, the content might surprise you.

Mervyn L

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