There's snow business for Golf business?
15th January 2010
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It seems as though the rain will clear away the snow now and our feathered friends will be able to search for food again. 

Whilst I am not sorry to see it go it has brought many new visitors to our garden and I have been watching a goldcrest searching for insects in a camellia just outside my kitchen window.  I believe that this is our smallest bird but just to cast a shadow of doubt in my mind a Jenny Wren has visited my pond for a drink.  The wren looks to be heavier but there can't be much in it.

Our robin and a couple of song thrushes are searching for grubs and worms, I guess that they are fed up with making do with seeds.

I was expecting to see our snowdrops as the snow cleared but they are not in flower yet.  It wont be long now though and they will soon be followed by the daffs, Spring is just around the corner and I can't wait to get my new golf bag out.

Thinking of golf, our friends at Darland Golf Course and Clays Golf Club will be really eager to get their courses open again.  Heavy snow doesn't do much for their trade.  When you are ready they'll make you extra welcome, why not give them a call now to make sure that they are open.

Mervyn L

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