The Good Sheppards
15th September 2009
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After an interesting Network Meeting yesterday lunchtime I had a few minutes to spare so I called in at Sheppards Farm Shop on Holt Road.  The wonderful smell of freshly picked home grown tomatoes met me as I entered the shop, one of the more pleasant smells of the countryside!

The shop assistant said that Mrs Sheppard was in her kitchen and so I called at the house to find her making a fresh supply of one of her special brands of chutney.  We found time to have a coffee and a chat and were soon joined by husband John who must have smelt the coffee from the greenhouses.  This note seems to be all about the attraction of aromas, but it's really about the nice folk who work hard to produce and supply excellent products to Wrexham people.  John surprised me when he mentioned that the fields were in need of rain, I had thought that the opposite might have been the case.

Mrs Sheppard wont mind me saying that we have both been around long enough to have experienced many recessions and to appreciate that we will come through this one in the not too distant future.  The Farm Shop has many loyal customers who know that they will receive fresh produce, served with a smile at prices they can afford.  I left with a smile on my face, a smashing little coffee break.

Mervyn L

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