That Was The Summer!
7th September 2011
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That was the summer!  Back to school time now and on with the daily routine.

Maybe a sad time for children but for many who have not had the summer off, it marks an increase in activity and actually getting things done!

Time to start planning and working toward all those exciting festive season activities.  Last year saw a real drop in the number of Christmas parties possibly due to economic concerns.  This really does miss the point.  In times like like this we should be doing everything we can to keep spirits high and raise moral.

Why leave it until Christmas to have a staff do anyway?  Why not break with tradition and have a work bonfire night or halloween celebration.

Organise a firework display ( are based in Cefn Mawr and are very good) at your workplace if you have room or look on thebestof events guide to find one make a night of it.  

Halloween makes a great opportunity for fun in the office.  Why not have a competition for the best halloween outfit and have the winner get a day off?

Of course, you could just all go out for a nice meal.  Give The Gredington Arms a good for high quality traditional pub food -


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