Supporting Good Causes in Wrexham with CASH
17th August 2011
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Things are tough for a lot of people in Wrexham which includes many not-for-profit organisations such as amateur sports clubs, church groups, charitable causes etc.

Most of these organisations are run by volunteers who give the most valuable of assets which is their time.  The challenge of helping their good efforts with cash is an ongoing battle for many.

With the support of thebestofwrexham, a new initiative called Peel2Save creates a really easy and powerful way for these groups to raise much needed funds.

The idea is simple but very effective.  25 local businesses have provided a total of 64 offers and discounts totaling over £350 of savings.

All these offers have sticker vouchers on a single easy to carry card.  These are given to the good cause who sell them for £10 of which they keep £5 for their fundraising goal.

A win, win win!  The good cause gets an easy fundraising tool, businesses get more customers and local people get fantastic offers!

Have a look at the facebook page for more details:

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