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1st April 2015
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If you’re holding an event then it is entirely possible that you will need a sound system to go with it. Whether you need a full PA system for a band that is playing or if you just need a mic and speakers for a talk to a group of people then there are several options to suit your needs.

The best option is that you are really techy, or know someone is who is, who is into music and gigging etc. and already have the equipment. If this is the case then you’re all set! If, however, you don’t have the foggiest about any of the equipment needed and aren’t fortunate enough to know anyone who does, then there are a couple of different options.

It will depend on how often you need the equipment as to which of the following is more applicable to your needs. If you know you are going to need the equipment a lot then you could go down the road of buying your own system. There are many guides on line about how to set up a sound system and what you will need or, if you would prefer to speak to an actual human who knows exactly what they are talking about, there are also music shops around the country who would be able to help guide you on the right equipment for your needs and how to set it up.

That can still be a bit much, especially if you only need the PA for a one off event. In which case this is definitely the option for you. Hire it! There are many companies who have sounds equipment and hire it out to people. Some may only do big events, some small and some will limit the time you are able to have it for. Depending on what you need and where you get it from, you can either just hire what you need and set it up yourself or find a company who will do everything for you! Places such as Quality Acoustics Sound Services will talk through what you are going, what your requirements are and what works best. They will then come and set it all up for you so that you can be sure it is all hunky-dory and when someone starts talking, the whole venue will be able to hear without the ear defining screech of feedback.

If this latter option is definitely for you then get in contact with Quality Acoustic Sound Services and see how they can help make your event audible.


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