Snow Business
31st October 2008
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Well what a week that was! Amongst my Monday calls was an overdue visit to Karen at Bundle of Joy Nursery Boutique. Our chat was repeatedly interrupted by customers calling to decide on the buggy, car seat or cot that they would need. Many of them in a very short space of time. Wrexham is obviously a very virile town with a growing population! Every shop owner and salesperson has their own style of selling and I enjoy watching the experts deal with several customers at once, keeping everyone happy and making that sale. I formed the impression that everyone who called in this shop would become a regular customer. Selling is an art form and Karen a very skilled artist. I'm very pleased to say that we managed to find the time for Bundle of Joy to sign on for their third year on The Best of Wrexham.

Mondays rains were replaced by Tuesdays snow, as a certain Victor might say "I couldn't believe it!" It seems very early in the year to have the fields white over. Can anyone remember the last time this happened in October? This Global Warming has a lot to answer for.

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