Reroofing, Recruiting and Retailing in Wrexham
30th October 2009
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Yesterday proved to be an interesting day.  I was particularly pleased to be introduced to Paul Cookes new partner at Covenant Windows, Paul McMann.  He was able to fill me in on the companies new developments and I was intrigued to learn that there is now a trend for conservatory owners to re-roof the older type, plastic roofed constructions with a new glass roof that is specially treated to control the heat in summer and to keep the heat in in winter.  This special glass is also dirt resistant, isn't new technology a wonderful thing?  Basically this is a way of improving your facilities, adding value to your property whilst being eco friendly.  That's a Win, Win, Win situation!

In the evening I attended a Network Meeting at The Guildhall and met a good number of local business owners.  I was very pleased to meet up with Carolyn and her husband Paul who were promoting Stillmuchtooffer, the specialist training and recruitment company.  Carolyn has a new refreshing concept on these operations and has been invited, as a speaker, to a prestigious event in Cardiff.  She has promised to give us a first hand report in a blog soon.

The Alyn Directory is establishing itself as an important printed business information tool covering a very specific Target Area.  Sue Price gave me a progress report and recounted the pleasure that she gets from bringing extra business to new clients.  Absolutely the best bit of the job. 

Mervyn L  

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