Refurbished First Lady is a real success
21st January 2010
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Mary Rowley asked me to call in to see her with a view to updating her page on The Best of Wrexham.  As I turned into her road I immediately saw her newly painted shop facia.  From dark green to "wedding cream", it really stood out.  Daughter Julia greeted me as I entered the shop that had also been refurbished since my last visit.

The shop had looked smart and clean before, but it looks special now and will do so to all of her potential customers.  I can't help but feel that there is a lesson here for all retailers.

In the same vein, rejigging First Lady's page also makes a great deal of sense and Mary and Julia have come up with a new format that is also impressive.  Sometimes we are too close to things to realize that a change is desirable, but First Lady is living proof of what can be achieved for a relatively small outlay.

The First Lady SALE starts on Monday, Jan 25th and will last for just one week.  Mary will follow this up with a very special offer, exclusive to The Best of Wrexham members.

If you are already planning a wedding can I suggest that you go along to the Ramada Hotel, Wrexham, on Sunday Jan 24th where First Lady will be showing a bridal range at the Wedding Fayre.

Mervyn L 

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