Reflections on 50 Years - A Bucket List for the Future
10th April 2013
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I can believe I was born in 1963.  I just can't believe that was 50 years ago! 
When one hits the half century mark, it is natural to reflect on the past years. There will be achievements and disappointments but hopefully, no regrets.
The future leaves us open to opportunities. Whether it be in business or our personal life, tomorrow/next month/next year, life will present us with options. The difference is, after 50 years and maybe 30 years in work, we have past experiences to draw on - to help us make good choices. I find that quite exhilarating! 
A "Bucket List" is essential, and I want one for both my personal and professional life. It's a way of affirming your goals - and opening up possibilities.
Have you heard of "the law of attraction"? A "self-fulfilling prophecy"? It's an idea that "like attracts like" so if you focus on positive thoughts/goals, you are more likely to achieve. I don't know if it works, but I dare say that if my bucket list has "holiday in the Mauritius" on it, I will be focusing on making it happen.
A bucket list shouldn't be just a list of practical, sensible or realistic goals. You need to make it interesting! Include a guilty pleasure and plenty of dreams. This isn't a race, it's your journey to the future. Just like a diet plan needs to have variety and flexibility to be successful, so does your life plan. 
Take some risks, have some fun and learn from your past. That's my 50-year-old advice! 


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