Recent Medical Research States Inactivity is as Bad For Your Health as Smoking. So Here’s How To Get Fit and Stay Active in Wrexham
26th July 2012
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Respected medical journal The Lancet recently published a report that concludes leading a life of physical inactivity may be as detrimental to your health as smoking. Sitting around may lead to heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers and is responsible for 1-in-10 deaths worldwide.

UK adults are among the worst in the world, with as many as 63% percent admitting to not doing enough exercise. It’s recommended that adults partake in 150-minutes of moderate exercise, or 75-minutes of hard exercise, per week to lead a healthy lifestyle. And here in Wrexham, it’s a pretty bad picture too, as this article from The Daily Post shows. It tells us that 16% of the town’s population are obese, and 52% are classed as overweight. Exercise levels are low too, with only 28% of adults meeting the recommended levels – the worst in the North Wales region.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Wrexham’s blessed with loads of great gyms, fitness-classes, and weight-loss centres. For the more energetic, there’s Zumba, and martial arts, and for those who’d like a gentler but equally effective workout, there’s Pilates. 

Or you can take a stroll through one of our lovely parks, like Ty Mawr, The Plassey,  and Acton Park if exercise classes and gyms aren’t your thing. You could even go on a 90-minute guided tour of Wrexham.

The beautiful Clwydian range is on Wrexham’s doorstep too. Walks range from relaxed rambles to serious scrambles and suit walkers of all abilities. The hills are officially classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty, so you can enjoy the stunning scenery as you get fit.

However you choose to get more active in Wrexham, it really is worth doing. Making small changes to your lifestyle now can lead to big rewards in later life.

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