Power to the People! Down with King Marketeer..
14th December 2011
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It's tough out there for marketing  and advertising businesses, as you will probably have noticed by the constant stream of desperate cold calls trying to sell you a variety of advertising products from 'guaranteed' top ranking on Google to full page adverts in some (often fictitious) police magazine.  Then there are the newspapers, radio stations, sports club sponsorship, local magazines etc. etc.


Two things inhibit the effectiveness of these advertising tools and both are the result of technology.  Firstly, the computer age has developed to the point where even a lone amateur can appear to the outside world as a slick, big budget corporation.  

Whereas high quality print and design were once a way of standing out from the competition, they are now standard requirements.  And being standard does not get you noticed.

Secondly, communication between consumers has fundamentally changed.  Unhappy customers no longer have to write a letter of complaint to their local rag or phone up ‘Watch Dog’, they simply pull out their phone and tweet or post to Facebook.  

Now their complaint about you has just been instantly broadcast to potentially millions and millions of people (what's your customer service like?).


What this adds up to is a return to good old word-of-mouth being the home of effective marketing but 21st century style.  Consumers have totally switched off to how great you say your business is.  They don't believe you.  They believe what other people say about you.  

This is great news!  It means that all you need to do stand out is have happy customers and encourage them to spread the good news about you!  What are you waiting for?

As a member of thebestof, you don't even need to worry about spreading the great feedback, simply send it to us and we'll get it out there.

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