One way is up for Fourways.
22nd September 2009
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Some sections of business have been cruelly hit by the recession.  It doesn't matter how good you are, how hard you try, or what special offers you make.  If the public do not want to buy you are in trouble.  The main thing that you have to do is to make sure that they think of you first when the urge to buy returns.  Make sure that they can find you when they are ready.

While I was in Ruabon I called in to see Helen at Fourways Furnishing.  This well established company that makes Kitchens and Bedrooms in it's own premises and uses its own fitters to guarantee satisfaction, has built up a loyal clientelle that knows the value and service that Fourways achieves.

So how has business been over the last few months?  Difficult, even with the demise of major players such as MFI, customers have been thin on the ground.  Happily the tide is turning and enquiries are increasing.  I was interested to know whether the main demand was for Kitchens or Bedrooms, were Wrexham folk more interested in eating or sleeping?  Helen confirmed that it was the bedroom that was leading the way in this most welcome revival.

I had to ask, "Are the banks eager to help with funding?"  Helens reply is not for publishing, or wouldn't be if she wasn't such a nice lady!  I know that I am becoming boring on the subject, but how can things really improve when we are governed by such........ and unfinanced by .............banks!

Mervyn L

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