One way is up at Fourways Furnishings
22nd September 2009
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I was in Ruabon and took the opportunity to visit Fourways Furnishings.  How had the economic downturn affected this long established and well respected craftsman led Wrexham company?

Helen admitted that the last few months had not been easy.  It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do, how high your reputation is or how competitively priced your products are.  If the public lose confidence they are not going to spend their money on new houses or house improvements.  Thankfully the public depression in a recession does not last forever and the good companies are experiencing the first signs of a revival.  Fourways Furnishings make and fit quality kitchens and bedrooms from their showroom and workshop in Ruabon.  I was interested to know which of these two rooms were in highest demand.  Do Wrexham folk favour eating or sleeping?  Helen answered my question.  Wrexhams revival is starting in the bedroom!

Now that business is coming in steadily will it be easy to obtain the funds to finance it?  It's a good job that Helen is a real lady or I wouldn't be able to print her reply.  In simple terms, the banks don't want to know.  If really sound established companies with great track records are not being supported what hope is there for the majority of small businesses? 

Anyone who has been involved in any form of manufacturing knows that a substantial investment has to be made in materials, wages and other overheads before payment is received from customers.  When these manufacturers, and this is virtually every manufacturer, has had its funds heavily depleted in a recession then funding is necessary.  The banks have been given/lent our money by this incompetent government to be made available for just this reason.  Are they doing it?  Not to any of the companies that I have spoken to.  Fourways will flourish, but a little help wouldn't come amiss.

Mervyn L

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