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29th January 2010
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I was very pleased to welcome Jimmy Chapmans Money2U Ltd as a new business member on The Best of Wrexham on Wednesday.

Money2U is an important cog in the big wheel of Telecom Plus.  I was astounded to learn that this major British company has only been established for 13 years.  It has been built on exceptional service and value by entrepeneurs, such as Jimmy, in Telecoms and Utilities.

Money2U Ltd now has an extensive sales force and there is still the opportunity to earn £100, £1000 or even £10,000 per month depending on the time that you have available.

The only qualifications that you need are honesty,a pleasant personality, transport and a desire to do a very satisfying job in the "spare time" that you have available.

If an additional regular income would be desirable to you, a call to Jimmy on 0800 0741 691 is your next step.

If you feel that you are not getting the best deal for your Phones and Utilities and are unhappy with the multitude of internet advisors, then call this same number and deal face to face with a human expert.

Mervyn L

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