Light the Fuse and Stand Back!
2nd November 2011
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We're lighting the fuse ready to launch here at thebestof Wrexham with new levels of evolution.  We our proud of members and are letting everyone know why!

What are you doing in your business to grow and develop?  How can you put on a display to let everyone know what great things you are doing?  Creative thinking is key.  Very few of us are without competition and now more than ever we need to be clear on what differentiates us from them.

So why you?  Better service for a reasonable price?  That's what your competition say, so give me some evidence to show which of you is right!

Buy Local is the ongoing campaign thebestof run throughout the UK.  Local trade in Wrexham needs every bit of help it can get with the compeition of the internet.  The responsibilty comes down to YOU, the business owner. 

If you provide compelling reasons to use your services, people will gladly choose you over out of area suppliers, even if they are a little cheaper.  Give that personal service, that human touch.  Give that value that can only come from personal, local providers.

Consumers will happily pay Mercedes Benz prices for the quality and buying experience that come with it.  The customer that wants a Merc for the price of a Fiat is not the customer you want anyway.  Be proud of the quality you provide and make sure local people know how good you are and your business will thrive.

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