It's not Swine Flu but it is infectious!
19th August 2009
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Every so often it is my pleasure to meet with people whose enthusiasm for their business is so great that it is infectious.

I visited just such a company yesterday to discuss how we can extend our services to help to further promote the Health & Safety specialists SALUS CONSULTING.  Owner Wayne Jones has been a valued customer for several years during which time Salus has enjoyed considerable sustained growth.  When you talk to Wayne and his staff you can understand why.  The vibrant atmosphere at the impressive new offices draws you in and you can believe in the quality and range of service that they provide.  The range of these services is extending to training and safety equipment supplies.  Check out the new Special Members Offer for details of an exciting new training development.

Operations manager, Nikki Tate, gave me a run down on Salus' current projects and we have agreed to work closely together to promote these and all future developments.  Wayne told me that the new projects were customer driven and it is in no way surprising that Salus' clients want to work closely with Waynes team to protect their companies.  Quite an exhilerating meeting that set me on my way to another of Wrexhams successful entrepeneurs.

This meeting was brief and unplanned, the result of an unavoidably broken appointment.  THE FOUNDRY houses a group of relatively new Wrexham businesses and is the brainchild of the entrepeneurial David Gray.  David has so many interests that it is difficult to know whether we should be talking about Art, Music, Special Events in Wrexham or his position as landlord and Mentor of exciting embryonic businesses thriving at THE FOUNDRY.  One thing is for sure, you come away a richer person having an infusion of the energy that keeps this young man so slim.

These companies run on a heady mixture of skill, experience, drive and an enthusiasm to do their job well. An INFECTIOUS MIXTURE, really quite invigorating! 

Mervyn L  

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