Is it a bad dream ?
16th April 2009
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I thought that I had lost a few days somewhere when I read this mornings financial pages. Surely it must still be April 1st.

The Editor is writing that the two most powerful men in the country have bought way over 50% of large banks and have no control over the wages, pensions and bonuses that the remaining "failed directors" have decided to give away. Not only that, but these supemely powerful "new majority shareholders" have bought the banks with stolen, sorry, borrowed money. Who you may wonder would give them this money in the first place? The Editor suggests that we did. Can this be true?

Evidently they are called Brown and Darling (now there's a name from a fairy story), Perhaps I'll wake up and find that it's only a bad dream, I can't believe that I would let two such naive chaps look after my money, could you?

Mervyn L

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