Information Technology, an asset or an invasion of privacy?
29th September 2009
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Is modern technology wonderful or does it signify the Big Brother Syndrome?

Mark and I decided that we would use a call tracing service to see how many phone calls were actually made direct to our clients by people reading pages on our site.  We know that the pages receive many viewings but this new technology, new to me anyway, gave us the opportunity to obtain proof.

One of our choices was Darland Golf and we were delighted when 99 calls were made to Darland in less than 5 weeks.  Unfortunately I had omitted to tell the owner, Geof Slater, what we were doing and on his return from holiday his staff said that they were getting many calls for Tee Times "courtesy of The Best of Wrexham".  I called in to see Geoff yesterday to explain the phenomenum and to apologise for not warning him of our experiment.

Whilst we are delighted with the results I can't help but have a bit of an uneasy feeling about Information Technology, I am still getting used to giving my post code on the phone and the recipient seeming to be able to view my personal details.  Perhaps it's just that I was brought up in a different age, but I wonder where it will all end. 

Mervyn L

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