How to commemorate your beloved pet in the best way
31st August 2012
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The question of how to commemorate the death of a beloved pet is often a difficult one for owners. Sometimes, to outsiders, animals are not thought of as a member of a family but for many pet owners this is just not the case. Pets spend many years living as part of a family and the death of this family member can be a sad and distressing time.


Often a gravestone or headstone dedicated to the memory of your pet can seem a little formal for your garden or home; however a new garden friendly solution is now available to help you celebrate the life of your pet. The House Nameplate Company has developed a range of garden pet memorials that can sit amongst your flowerbed or hang from a specially planted tree or rose bush.


The range includes small and large pet memorial pebbles and stakes for your garden or smaller plaques for benches or hanging from trees and plants.


With a unique blend of traditional and cutting edge engraving techniques available The House Nameplate Company can engrave all of the memorials with your pets name, a message and even a motif.

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