Honesty brings its own reward
8th July 2009
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Nick Lumb at Acorn Arborcare had an interesting tale to tell this morning.  A prospective customer had consulted him last week and although there was no immediate business he was so pleased with Nick’s service that he wanted to pay for the advice.  Nick refused to charge him for this saying that this was complimentary.


However an envelope containing £30 was pushed under his door today in gratitude for that advice.  Nick consulted his bookkeeper Connie about whether to declare this gift for tax purposes, and those of you who know them will not be surprised to learn that they decided to put it “through the books”.


Nick has been holding back from booking his holiday in hopes of a bargain and agreed with his wife over the weekend to go ahead with the best offer that they had received.  His wife Sue rang Nick just before I arrived to tell him that she had booked the holiday and that the price had dropped, you’ve guessed it, by exactly £30! 


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