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25th September 2011
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I found a great article on the history of Wrexham by Tim Lambert here: http://www.localhistories.org/wrexham.html.

Did you know that the population was over 2,500 by 18109? Before that in  November 1643 a parliamentary army captured Wrexham. There was no resistance. Can't imagine Wrexham giving up that easily to anyone nowadays!

Lager was first brewed in Wrexham in 1880, not by a Welshman though but a German.

For a fuller timeline have a look here: http://www.localhistories.org/wrexhamtime.html

Wrexham has a rich history that we should all be proud of.  What is really important though is to remember that we are writing a greater history every day.  We are transforming it into the great city of North Wales!

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