Happy days, the birds are back.
23rd October 2009
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I am quite thrilled to report that our garden birds have returned, and in good numbers too.

Our bird feeder station was a hive of activity (Can bird feeders be hives?), this morning.  there were greenfinches in abundance on the Sunflower seeds, at least half a dozen goldfinches contesting the four perches of the thistle feeder and a veritable flock of sparrows eating the fatballs.  The wild bird seed is the least favourite station but blue tits and great tits were feeding voraciously here.

There must have been 20 to 30 birds all looking to feed at 10-00am and I wonder who decides in the bird kingdom what is breakfast time?  It is very noticeable that many birds of differing species seem to choose to eat at the same time, I wonder why.

When the breakfast rush was over, about 10-15am, there was one greenfinch left on the feeder and he had tucked his head under his wing and was fast asleep.  I have never seen that before.

One question, most of our birds had been away from us for 2 or 3 weeks, even the sparrows and blackbirds, and now they are all back.  It's a bit like an annual holiday.  Where did they go to?

Mervyn L

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