Golf Trolley,is British Made the best?
11th September 2009
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As many of you will know I enjoy a game of golf.  10 years or so ago a good friend gave me his Hill Billy as he had received a new one as a present.  He had owned and used his trolley for 15 years then.  I used it for another 9 years, needing only minor replacements, until Viv bought me a new one as a Christmas present.

After 6 months the motor became noisy and, on Hill Billys recommendation, I took it in to their main agent in Stoke this morning.  They were unable to deal with it whilst I was there, but I received a call this afternoon saying that they have had to replace the engine, under warranty, and it was now ready for collection.  The return journeys of 70 miles plus were a nuisance but the speed of service excellent.

When I collected my trolley I mentioned that the previous motor had managed 24 years of consistent use, the new one well under 1 year.  Yes said the agent, but the new model is MADE IN CHINA, your original one was British made.  I gathered that mine was not an unusual occurence.  We may not be able to compete with China on price, but is price everything?

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