Gerry is the Pacemaker for Hospice
4th September 2009
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I took the day off yesterday to play in the Gerry Marsden Charity Golf Tournament at Portal GC as part of the Blue Planet PR team.  It rained, it blew a gale and the scores reflected the true British summer conditions, but we had a really great day.

Gerry, of Gerry and the Pacemakers, is only small in stature but is a truly great man.  His continuous  efforts to support the WHCS Therapeutic Cancer Care Charity bring relief to those unfortunate enough to need these services.  Our wives joined us for an excellent evening, the highlight was undoubtedly Gerry getting up on stage to sing You'll Never Walk Alone.  Gerry also wrote and performed one of my favourite songs, Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying.  Ex England centre forward Tony Hateley is the enforcer, raffle money collector, you don't say no to big Tony and Ian St John runs an impressive auction.  It is good to see these celebrities giving something back and enjoying doing so.

Thinking of golf, Mark has just sent me impressive phone call figures for Darland Golf Club.  In the last 2 weeks they have received 61 calls from Best of Wrexham visitors, assuming that most of these would be to book starting times, Geof Slater is doing really well from his investment with us.  Long may it continue.

Mervyn L

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