Footballers Recent Incidents Show They’re More Than Just Premier Twitter Twerps
11th October 2012
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Several top Premier League stars have got themselves using into hot water after using abusive language on Twitter. Chelsea players in particular seem to be the worst culprits after Ashley Cole used the social media platform to call his governing body a bunch of something not very nice. And now his Chelsea team mate Ryan Bertrand has found himself in trouble for using similarly offensive language after being criticised for pulling out of the England squad. Both players have since apologised and deleted the offending tweets.


Bertrand compounded his error by using your instead of you’re in his tweet. So by using the wrong homophone (words which sound the same but mean different things) and using bad language, he’s broken two golden rules of Twitter – don’t be offensive and make sure your (see, got that right) tweets reflect you or your business in the best light.


If you’re using Twitter as part of your business marketing strategy – which you should be – then you need to take it as seriously as any other marketing methods. Your customers wouldn’t expect your website or brochure to be full of spelling mistakes or swear words. So neither should your twitter feed. You’ve only got 140-characters to get your message across. So do it properly. Be polite, engaging and don’t use the language of the football field.


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