False start
14th September 2008
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Doh. Made a bit of a mess of it this morning.

I had the steak last night - fantastic. Oven chips and onion rings - very nice also. Bottle of wine - great - in fact too great to cork and as I was alone last night I drank every last drop of it. Did I mention (or was it obvious) that this diet is completely alcohol free. Second to the lack of food this is likely to be the biggest hurdle.

The bottle of wine was not such a good idea as it turns out. I woke up very hungover. With what felt like a completely empty stomach.

Nothing else for it. I needed toast and I needed it quickly. After a couple of slices, and some jam, and a strong coffee, and an orange juice, and a couple of paracetamols, I was just about ready to face the pharmacist.

Little did I know it then - but my early morning snack had in fact meant that my diet could not start until tomorrow. Hey ho.

The meeting with Mrs Pharmacist went quite well, and I passed the weight test. My clothed weight was used to calc my BMI and then plugged into a coloured chart. I'm officially on the cusp of obesity, well actually just on the other side of the line, but the lady did mention that it was in the lighter green 'slightly obese' region rather than the darker green ('completely obese'?) one. It's probably a little out (due to the clothes) but I'll live with it as it's only going to be a relative measure. I'll take my own 'home' reading tomorrow morning.

So Day 1 of the diet and I'm already £100 lighter (2x£48 weekly food packs, £5 shake beaker). Good so far.

I thought I'd be writing about the taste of the shakes and the soups - but instead all I can say is that I ate more than usual and the frozen 'end of diet' celebratory steak and bottle of wine are now very much in danger of not surviving. I'll throw out the bread and milk and any other temptations after I've eaten my dinner so I don't fall into the same trap twice.

I'm basically resigned to having another bottle of wine. Any hangovers will just have to be endured.

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