Eagles Meadow Development
14th July 2008
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Whether you think the new Eagles Meadow development in Wrexham with all its various materials and textures is a piece of architectural genius or a dog's dinner of an eyesore, it's there and we are all going to be living with it. I know there has been a lot of comment in the press and probably more negative than positive but what do the Best of Wrexham community think?

I'll start you off with one discussion point: the large number of expensive pieces of structural hardwood "planks" adorning the walls seem to me to be a huge waste of money. What is the life expectancy of these planks? Have they come from eco-friendly sources or rainforests? Has anyone thought that they create a haven for roosting and nesting birds? Expect serious issues with pigeons and starings in particular. We will certainly need more peregrine falcons in the town to help control the increase in numbers of these pests. There should be plenty of new nesting sites for them in the new development!

I have been photographing the Eagles Meadow development since the work started, along with other Wrexham developments and the pictures can be seen on my website www.virtualwrexham.co.uk. You might like to visit the site; it gets more interesting with the passage of time.

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