Don't Let Wrexham's High Street Die. Buy Local
9th May 2012
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Britain's high streets are 'on the brink of extinction.' That was the stark warning from Mary Portas in her report for the government last year. Up to 20-shops per day are closing in some areas, and many have rows of empty premises, boarded up or covered in To Let signs. Not just wasted opportunities, they're also a blot on the town centre landscape.

Business is tough at the minute. We're back in recession, unemployment's high and the weather's as unreliable as ever. Getting shoppers to the high street is a battle. Online shopping revenue has increased by 12% last year, and is due to carry on its upward trend. Supermarkets and out of town retail parks lure consumers away from their traditional territory with promises of free-parking, convenience and an easier shopping experience.

At thebestofwrexham, we'rw dedicated to getting behind the local business community. We're supporting the Buy Local campaign and are committed to bringing back customers to the high street.

We'd urge the public to buy local too. Look around you next time you're on the high street and count the number of Buy Local stickers on shop windows and doorways. These are our champions of Buy Local: businesses who really value local customers.  And if you choose to use these retailers, you'll really benefit the local economy too. Your carbon footprint will be reduced; you'll be re-circulating money back into the local economy, and helping safeguard the future of that business for future generations. Wrexham is full of great businesses that are passionate about what they do and the service they give.

One important part of Ms Portas's report focussed on the need to revamp many town centres. Wrexham Borough Council has secured £4m in funding, along with many areas of Flintshire. This is great news for Wrexham and will help to secure our high street, and bring shoppers flocking to the town. Putting the town centre back on the map is vital to ensuring our high street retailers' survival.

So, come on, let's all show some love for our high street. And buy local to stop it going the same way as the dinosaurs.

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