Dodgers helped to establish Bellis Bros, one of Wrexham's leading garden centres.
16th October 2009
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Yesterdays meeting with Roger Bellis at Bellis Bros Garden Centre was to confirm his continuing marketing with The Best of Wrexham for 2009/2010.  It is always a pleasure to talk to Roger and to realize just how many improvements he continually makes to this great business.  The new restaurant and gift centre are now well established as are several external improvements.  Customers often spend a good part of a day there, as an outing as well as a shopping trip.

Roger is always looking for ways to improve and extend the "Bellis Experience" and he let me in on some of his thoughts for exciting new projects.  I could tell you about them here, but then I would have to kill you!

Suffice it to say that if you are yet to visit Bellis Bros, add it to your list now, enjoy the trip, do your weekly shop, start buying your Christmas gifts and decorations and just appreciate what a good business this is.

Although the fruit picking season is long gone I found it interesting to learn that Rogers ancestor, Charles Bellis, was the leading pioneer for strawberry growing in open fields in Wales and the North West, in fact the first outside of Kent.  Why not click through on to their web site and look at the History section (CLICK HERE), and in particular Articles, it makes interesting reading.  Do you know who "Dodgers" were and why they were so called?  I didn't but I do now.

Mervyn L



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