Day 5 & 6 - On track
21st September 2008
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Day 5
Yesterday was probably the worst yet in terms of side effects as I had a headache all day and was quite tired. It was never so bad as to warrant a pill and I thought it'd disappear with a bit more water so I upped my intake. Not as easy to do as I thought as 2 litres during the 9-5 makes me feel absolutely saturated.

Apart from the sloshing about and headache I felt OK - and no real hunger to speak of really. The blokes LIPOTRIM diet is a bit harsh as you end up with only 2 shakes per day compared with 3 for the ladies. I have mine at midday and 7pm so there are long spells with only water for company.

There was a bright spot during the day when one of my colleagues (a lipotrim success story) brought over her remaining Listerine Actives. These are only tiny wafers of breath freshener - but the relief they brought was amazing. My breath was beginning to honk and the lack of any real food to taste etc meant that these tasted and 'felt' incredible. I say 'felt' as they had a texture and I could almost bite them if rolled up into a thicker shape - I'm beginning to miss being able to get my teeth into anything.

Day 6
Unfortuneately today has been much the same - only slightly worsened by a couple of hunger pangs. Plus I'm feeling the cold. I know it's not been the best of weather but everybody else seems to be fine and I'm shivering.

I'm guessing that this is a good sign but will keep an eye on it.

Hope the headaches subside as I'm not sure that I'll be able to keep this up if they carry on.

The good news is that this morning - after 6 days on the diet - I've lost exactly 12lbs and am well on my way to losing that first stone. I'm feeling lighter and people have already commented - as I think I've lost at least 1 of my spare chins and it must be noticeable. Just the ticket to spur me on.

12lbs - it's hard to visualise - but it is a substantial amount of weight - akin to a bowling ball I'd imagine

Getting just a little fed up with the Chicken Soups - but am also worried that I don't have enough to see me through the week as I'm having one of these every night - seasoned and with my old friend tobasco sauce. Not sure whether this is in the rules but I just can't eat sweet chicken soup and I'm missing a bit of spice in my life. Curries, Kebabs, Chillies etc were one of my major downfalls in my pre-lipotrim days.

Still despite the headaches I've no intentions of giving up as the weightloss is incredible.

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