Day 2 - A new dawn
14th September 2008
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A new dawn indeed. I think I woke up on the hour every hour to go to the bathroom and just couldn't get back to sleep after the 6am call of nature. On the up side I wasn't hungry, headachey, hungover, just tired.

Nothing else for it but a trip to the scales. Curiosity has always gotten the better of me and despite all good advice to the contrary I know that I will be on the scales each and every morning just to see what they say.

Yesterdays weight was 15st 7.5lb and today.......15st 2.5lb.

Very happy with that indeed. All previous diets have given similar results in the first few days so it's not enough for me to start getting ahead of myself, but it's still a positive start and I hope to have broken the 15st barrier by Monday morning. This might sound foolish, but it's a goal, and probably the only one which will persuade me to get the bike out of the shed at some point this weekend. Maybe.

I'll try the Strawberry shake later and then another soup, not that much to look forward to I know, but that's what it's got to be like for the next few weeks.

I hadn't realised quite how many programmes and adverts there are about food, I've made a mental note to stick to DVD's and recorded programmes over the next few days just to minimise the torture.

Just to fill you in if you don't know about the LIPOTRIM diet. The first 3 or 4 days are supposed to be the worst with regards to hunger and cravings and I've tried to make double sure that I've removed all temptations. This is when your body is getting used to the supplements and burning it's own stores. To be fair, these first two days haven't been too bad at all, if this is as bad as it gets then this may not be such a struggle.

Roll on tomorrow and the next weigh-in

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