Day 14 - Almost there
29th September 2008
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When I say almost there - I mean I'm almost at the end of the strict LIPOTRIM regime and am looking towards refeeding and getting back to some sort of normality.

I've survived another weekend - with no trouble at all and am really tempted to keep going with this until I reach 13 stone. However, the lady in my life wants to start living again and maybe just maybe to go out for a meal and a drink. I figure if I finish the diet after 3 weeks - which takes me to Thursday this week then I'll be ready to start eating properly again and being able to have a drink on Saturday 11th October - roughly 4 weeks since I started - and hopefully I'll be almost 2 stone lighter.

The weigh in today showed 13st 13.6lb - a total loss of just under 22lbs in just 2 and a half weeks and just 6lb from my original target. As you can imagine I am very happy with that. Everybody comments on how well I look and I've fitted into several pairs of jeans which had been off limits for a couple of years. If you were to ask me if I'd recommend Lipotrim then I'd have to say a resounding yes. Apart from the mild headaches last week there's been little or no side effects and I've lost the same weight in 18 days as it has taken me 60 days previously.

I know the hard work is about to start when I go back to normal living - but it feels so good to be this much lighter - there's a new spring in my step and I feel really positive about virtually everything. It's a great feeling and I'd hate to let it go.

Just three days to go till the refeed starts - and my first taste of real food in 3 weeks.

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