Day 12 - Over a stone
29th September 2008
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The good news is that the headaches and lightheadedness have all but disappeared and they are manageable with an increase in water intake.

I' ve just weighed myself and this is the first day that I haven' t recorded a drop in weight.

Not as disappointing as you'd think.

I normally weigh myself twice - before and after showering just to make sure that the scales are behaving. This time the first weight was same as yesterdays - but the second showed a loss of 1lb so it was time to step up for a third and final time - which showed the same as the first. So as of this morning I weigh 14st 4.4lb. A loss of 17lb in 12 days and I'm happy as larry.

The weekend saw me resist bacon butties and fresh rock cakes and tonight will be my first social outing since beginning the diet watching the Liverpool/Crewe game at Anfield where I'd normally have a pint and a half time pie. I say normally, it's a once a year outing as I can only ever get tickets for these early round cup games. Last time I was there was the FA Cup match against Luton and I was lucky enough to see a very rare Steve Gerard hatrick.

News of my success has spread around the office and several other colleagues have now started with Lipotrim. All have reported very positive weight losses, energy gains etc and so there's a buzz of excitement and I'm the man of the moment.

Time will tell whether that remains the case. My own challenge is to get to the target (13st 7lb) and stay there until New Year. Obviously the plan is to stay there forever and a day but New Year 2009 is a goal that I can see and will be proof at least that I can sustain a weight for 2 months or more.

Other relevant gains or changes - and these would make my Doctor beam
Starting BMI - 31.16461 - Clinically Obese (though you wouldn't have judged so harshly if you'd seen me at the start - at least not if I'd been clothed)
Currrent BMI - 28.75409 - Overweight who'd have thought I'd have been so happy to be judged overweight.

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