Day 1 - The trial begins
14th September 2008
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Woke up hungover again. Quelle surprise, but it was a very nice meal and bottle of wine, and the memory of it is all I now have to keep me going. All being well this will be the last hangover for 5 weeks or so. I always knew today would be miserable. I just made it miserable squared.

Anyway. Here's to the starting stats. This is what it's all about, where I am now and what I hope to achieve.

Clothed Weight - 16st 2lb (for the chemists measurements)
Unclothed Weight - 15st 7.5lb (the .5lb does make all the difference)
Target Weight - between 13 and 13.5 stone.

The target weight is above the medical ideal (which is 12.5 stone for a 5' 10" bloke) but not by much and I've got a medium/large build to consider. I also can't be specific as I'm not sure whether 13 stone will be too skinny. We'll see when we get to 13.5, so I suppose I'll consider that my target.

According to the rules of the LIPOTRIM diet you keep going until you get to your ideal weight. Then the real work starts.

For me to lose 2 stone in 5 weeks I'll need to be very strict, but I knew that anyway. So it's 2 lipotrim shakes/soups a day, everyday and only leaf teas, coffees and 2 litres (at least) of water to drink.

So how has the first day been ? Not quite as bad as I thought it would be, but not great either, and undoubtedly not helped by the hangover. I woke up early, went to work and didn't have my first shake until midday when I'd normally have my first meal. I was ravenous and had been all day. I'd drank almost two litres of water (and been to the toilet about 5 times) before the meal but it didn't fill me up by any means. My first lipotrim shake was chocolate flavoured, and way too sweet for my liking, it was a struggle to finish. Doubts crept in about my ability to stick on the diet, but not too many to make me give up before the first day was over.

Note to myself - make sure that I go to a bathroom on another floor - the exercise I'll get from going up and down the stairs 10 times a day will shorten the time I've got to stay on these shakes.

Tonight I had the Chicken Soup which I'd looked forward to all day (being a savoury rather than sweet kind of guy).
It was OK. In the end.

I'm not sure whether it was my lack of normal food, but they'd managed to make my chicken soup seem very sweet indeed. It was only after copious amounts of Salt and Pepper had been added to the mix that I could actually enjoy the meal. How many calories are there in pepper ?

It's a Friday night, I've had one milkshake, one soup and about 10 pints of water today and after writing this I'm going to have to find something to occupy myself to keep my mind off the contents of my freezer.

Let's hope that its worth it.

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