Construction and the crunch
27th November 2008
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I think that we all agree that unless the construction and Housebuilding programs are given a very quick kick start the recession will really take hold. Over the last few days I have visited Kim and Marion at Redes, civil engineers involved in infrastructure and drainage, and Graham Jones and Alf Bailey of quality crane hirers, Graham Jones Crane Hire of Wrexham.

I was really delighted to learn that over the last couple of weeks Redes has landed several contracts and is in the final discussion stages of a couple more. Kim is understandably bouyant and we agreed that as they are right at the beginning of the chain there was just cause for some optimism.

Graham and Alf have been getting their fair share of the work that has been available and with their extensive range of cranes are ready to meet all demands when the chain reaches them.

I don't know about you, but I feel that the banks are being obstructive, they now have access to millions of pounds of our, the taxpayers, money and are not releasing it. Can it be that they are holding on to it so that they can pay themselves even more obscene bonuses?

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