Carve his name with pride
21st October 2009
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We have some really talented people on The Best of Wrexham and I was priviledged, and that is the right word, to watch Simon O'Rourke create a model of Bob Marley, with guitar, from a block of Sequoia wood in 20 minutes using two chainsaws.  I have seen examples of Simons work and feature pictures of his carvings on our site, but I think that I, and probably the whole audience, certainly our Mayor who was stood at my side, at last nights Fusion Network Meeting, were both thrilled and astounded at his performance.  I would not have believed that such a detailed carving could have been created with just chainsaws, but to be able to do this in 20 minutes is mind boggling.

Simon is very modest about his achievements.  He excels in competitions worldwide and we want to tell you about them, but it's like drawing blood from a stone.  Hopefully he will give me the details soon and I will pass them on to you.  Wrexham should be really proud of this young man.

Mervyn L 

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