Business opportunities for the Olympic Games 2012
29th January 2010
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I was invited to attend a lunch given by the ODA, Olympic Development Agency and the Welsh Assembly at Rossett Hall on Wednesday.

Basically the guests all have access to small businessses in North Wales that may be able to benefit from the Olympics.  Most of the construction work is well under way but there are a host of other opportunities in IT, Security, Uniforms, Catering, Sports Equipment and many more areas where business is still to be placed.

Now is the time to see if your company can benefit.  Log on to and CompeteFor to find out more.  Although the Games themselves are mainly located in the London area there are opportunities for small businesses to work as sub-contractors with designated suppliers, and also for sponsorships.

The Best of Wrexham are pleased to have been chosen as a catalyst for what will be the largest and most prestigious event ever held in Great Britain.

Mervyn L


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