Bonfires and bangers – that’s how we usually celebrate November 5th in Wrexham. So here’s our ultimate guide on how to do it properly.
1st November 2012
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One of the few good things about the nights drawing in is Bonfire Night. Every year, we get together to light huge fires, cover our ears at the loud bangs , marvel a t the bright-colours cascading down the sky and eat hog dogs and treacle toffee. All in the name of a 17th Century terrorist who tried to burn down the Houses of Parliament.

And while it’s a time of families getting together to have fun, there’s lots of things to think about to help the event be enjoyed by everyone.  Ensuring the safety of all the family members is really important, so never leave children unsupervised with fireworks, and don’t let under 5s hold sparklers. Children can get carried away with the excitement of the fireworks and flames, and can forget the good sense they’d normally show at home.

If you’re having your own bonfire and fireworks, you’ll need   to think carefully about what you burn. It’s illegal to burn anything that will cause pollution or damage health. And be careful where the smoke drifts from your fire, as if it’s deemed to be a danger to traffic, you could be fined.

Lighting fireworks is also fraught with danger, so please follow the Firework Code so you and your family and friends will stay safe. Spending the night in A&E definitely spoils the party vibe!
Look after your pets’ welfare too. We love the noise and flashing lights associated with Bonfire Night but cats and dogs don’t. They may become distressed, and need more care and attention than normal. You can find some brilliant help and advice here.

Of course food plays a big part on Bonfire Night.  From traditional, wholesome favourites like baked potatoes, sausage casserole and toffee apples to modern delicious dishes like cheesy bacon and egg crumpets, roast tomato soup and spiced pear bread and butter pudding,  a tasty hot meal will help keep the cold at bay. We’ll be posting some simple, tasty recipes here in the next few days to help you prepare a wonderful feast for your family and guests.

However you’re spending Bonfire Night in Wrexham, remember remember our guide to spending it safely and keeping it a night to remember for all the right reasons.

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