Beware the end of January, The Taxman cometh.
22nd January 2010
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If you want to find a busy business in January just look in at a good accountants.  I did this week when I made a quick visit to E & P Accountants to wish Alan Evans and his staff a Happy New Year.  There was a pleasant surprise when I came face to face with Barry Peters, who has been threatening retirement for at least 3 years, still working away in his office.  They are slaving away to make sure that their clients returns are all in before the end of this month.  Have you submitted yours?  The tax office are only too keen to relieve you of even more of your hard earned cash if you haven't.

I was lucky to catch Annette at The Beauty Rooms with a few minutes to spare.  We were able to spend a short time talking about a new marketing campaign and a new Special Offer will be on our site in the next day or two.  It's a great offer on a new facial treatment and Annettes flawless complexion is guarantee enough of the expertise of The Beauty Rooms.  I will be calling back in a few days to talk about revamping their page on The Best of Wrexham and also to pick up some new Testimonials, don't forget how important these are to your business.

It is a good time to look at all of your marketing, it's surprising how many things change and it's important that your clients and potential customers know about them.  Tf there is anything that you would like to discuss I'll be happy to call in or chat on the phone.

Mervyn L

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