Bees Knees provides retirement honey.
6th November 2009
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I have often said, and I'll repeat it now, one of the best things about working on The Best of Wrexham is meeting our customers.  Especially when we have been able to be of extra assistance.

Todays example is a call from Marilyn Hornett of Bees Knees.  Following the untimely death of owner, Tony Hornett, Marilyn had kept the company going and honoured all existing and new business.  A couple of months ago Marilyn called me in and explained that it would not be possible to continue into 2010.  Tony had looked after the servicing of the cars and the main chauferring duties, it had been his hobby as well as his business, and Marilyn was not skilled in these areas.  So Bees Knees had to be put up for sale.  It has not been possible to sell the company as a going concern but we have been instrumental in helping to sell the vehicles.  A wedding Car business in South Wales saw our newsletter, contacted Marilyn, and have agreed to a satisfactory purchase.  This will help Marilyn to enjoy a comfortable retirement starting in 2010 when all of the bookings have been completed.

A nice end to a sad story, we were able to help, it's a nice feeling, the icing on the cake.

Mervyn L

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