BBC Breakfasttime and BK Kitchens
16th September 2009
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Following on to my earlier blog.  BBC Breakfast Television did feature the Wrexham Industrial Estate 3 times on this mornings program.  They were obviously looking to speak to businesses who had been severely hit by the recession over the last year, including Andy Vernon whose Bigger Bite has been forced to close.

Bob Ruler of BK Kitchens featured and emphasized one of my favourite moans.  When the green shoots do start to grow small businesses will need to refinance to meet the demand but where is the money coming from?  The banks continue to be totally unhelpful.  Will the Welsh Assembly find ways to ensure that Wrexham businesses, quality companies like Bobs, are not forced to miss out?  We will have to wait and see.

Can you understand how and why our Government invested our money into the banking system without any control over where and how these funds were to be used?  I can't and it is so incredibly annoying and frustrating.  The banks have our money that they can use in any way they like, and they seem to like to pay it out to themseves in bonuses rather than to make it available to good companies like BK Kitchens who would use it to grow their business, employ more Wrexham workers, and in general contribute to the reflation of the local economy.

Mervyn L

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