Appreciating Thai Culture as Well As their Fabulous Food in Wrexham
26th October 2015
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Thai cuisine becomes more and more popular within the UK each year, as people become more familiar with the fabulous flavours that are used within their cooking.  They tend to stick with four simple principles with their flavouring of food, which are salty, sour, sweet and spice. 


Whilst we’re enjoying their food, we can also show appreciation and respect for their culture, by becoming aware of some of their customs.  So here are just five ways you can use to do this.


Thai Greeting – In Thailand you will almost immediately be greeted with a slight bow and the wai, where their palms come together at chest or nose height.  You can reflect this and to impress even further use their generic greeting for hello at any time of day, which is Sa Wa dee ka (for a lady) and Sa Wa Dee krap (for a man)
Body Contact - The head is the most valued part of the body while the feet are the lowest, symbolising attachment to the ground, a cause of human suffering based on Buddhist beliefs.  Therefore you would not touch or tap them on the head, equally showing the soles of your feet is not acceptable and placing feet on a table is also a no.


Thank you – Being British, we’re used to politeness, we know how to queue and we certainly use please and thank you on regular occasions.  How would you like to be able to say thank you in Thai whilst enjoying their food? It’s simple, just say (for a lady) Kob Khun Ka (for a man) Kob Khun Krap.


Appreciating The Food – Most people expect Thai food to be hot and spicy and whilst it can be, it doesn’t have to be.  You can certainly ask for less or very little spice, just explain that you don’t like hot food.  When you do enjoy a dish, you can let them know it’s delicious by saying (for a lady) Arroy Mak Ka (for a man) Arroy Mak Krap.


General Behaviour – It’s great to respect and appreciate different cultures and in Thai culture, they’re very calm, so it’s worth remaining relaxed in their company, smile and enjoy the experience of their culture and cuisine. 


If you haven’t tasted Thai cuisine or experienced their culture, then it’s well worth visiting Try Thai Noodle Bar in Wrexham and if you enjoy the experience, there’s the added benefit of a shop, where you can buy and enjoy cooking with their ingredients too. 

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